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Welcome to Chiang Rai UTV Adventure Tours.

There are many adventures to choose from including

Buggy and CRF Tours

available for hourly tours,

full day with half day kayaking and

2 days 1 night, and 3 day and 2 night  

 Buggys for fun
 Mae Sai Border

Sightseeing Tours

are available for full or half days tours

including great fun on the full day half buggy, half kayaking tour. 

 Northern Thailand Motorcycle Off Road CRF Tours

6 days 5 nights,

7 days 6 nights and

8 days 7 nights

 CRF Bikes
 Road bikes

 Northern Thailand Road Motorcycle Tours 

of 2 days 1 night,

3 days 2 nights, 

6 days 5 nights and

8 days 7 nights

Buggy and CRF Overnight  Tours 

of 2 days 1 night and

3 days 2 nights.

 CRF Overnight

There are some great sites to see.

And there is a large variety of vehicles to choose from and have fun with.

On our Adventure Tours explore the area around Mae Yao and our starting village of Huay Khom. Explore it's challenging terrain on 4 or 2 wheels, the choice is yours. You will

  • Navigate through jungle trails,
  • Be given the opportunity to relax at some waterfalls,
  • Greet and feed the elephants at an Ahka Hill Tribe village Elephant Camp,
  • Cross creeks and small rivers,
  • Climb mountain roads and trails,
  • We will travel through villages of the Karen, Ahka and Lahu hill tribes.

Our tours are very family friendly and children are very welcome.

So if you’re looking for a family outing or doing something different in Chiang Rai, this is the place.

Our Adventure Tours take you for rides in our UTV, ATV & CRFs . We also have road bike tours. Our vehicles are maintained professionally for your safety