Chiang Rai Big Bike - UTV Adventure Tours


New buggyCheck our our all new Buggy-Kayaking Adventure Tour.

Our UTV Adventure Tours are great fun for all the family.

You will visit some lovely parts of Chiang Rai.

We offer a choice of off road vehicles for your adventure, all new for this season.

All our cars are "special order" long wheel base models for your comfort and have roll-cages and seat-belts for your safety.  All our vehicles are automatic & easy to drive with minimal instruction.  If you can drive a car or a go kart, you can certainly drive one of our buggies! 

Check out Chiang Rai Big BIke Rentals, for a great road bike, Checkout out UTV adventures for a fun experience, check out our sightseeing tours. And if you are raedy for a hike check out our TigerTreks.




Check out the Adventure Tours and Tiger Treks Schedule for pricing and requirements.

All children too young to drive on our adventures will be given a short driving lesson at the end of your session. 

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Chiang Rai Adventure Tours HQ.and some of the fleet on display. Thai food is available 50 meters down the road.



A group preparing to go and have some fun in our kayaks and inflatables. The Kok River is an easy water flow during the dry and hot seasons and too much water to be safe during the wet season.