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Day 1

Buggy average Km 70 to 90. CRF average km 120 to 170. 90% offroad – 10% on road.*

*All kilometers are dependent on customer's interests and road conditions.

Start  09:00hrs

CRF funAfter pickup from your accommodation, we shuttle you to Chiang Rai Big Bikes shop for the safety briefing and tour introduction.

We wil start from our local Karen village and head off on our adventure on dirt roads through rice fields and pineapple plantations. On this part of our journey we get to see how the locals farm and learn about their life.

We will visit a local hill tribe village where we can taste the local grown tea and coffee which is served by our local host villager. The road up to this village can be exciting and fun with some great scenery. We will stop at another local village for lunch. Here we will taste the local foods and learn about the history of the hill tribes living in Thailand.

After lunch we continue to another hill tribe village with a small river crossing. If you would like a cooling off swim then enjoy. We continue on dirt roads to arrive at our host Lahu village where we will stay the night.

This village has a great view of the surrounding area. Dinner will be served by our host. You can enjoy the local food.


Day 2

Buggy average Km 70 to 90. CRF average km. 90-120 km. 70% offroad – 30% on road.*

*All kilometers are dependent on customer's interests and road conditions.

Start  09:00hrs

taking it easyWe start our day by making our way down to the Karen Elephant Camp. The road can be adventurous and exciting. This will take 2-3 hours or more depending on the group.

Once we arrive at the Karen village you can visit the elephants. You can also visit the Karen long neck village. Here we will have lunch at local restaurant.

After lunch we take you by vehicle up the river to our staging point for our kayaking fun. Here we will have a safety briefing. Once we are ready we head off down the Mae Kok River for a relaxing couple of hours and enjoy. We will float down the river with some brief stops for swimming and a visit to a Prasoet hot spring. We will end up back at the Elephant Camp.

When we arrive we then jump back in the buggies or on CRF Off road. and make our way back to the shop on road and off road through rice fields and jungle.

We hope you have had a memorable time.


Group size 2 person
 Price per person per day (Thai Baht)  8000
Complete 2 day tour per person 16,000

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