Chiang Rai Big Bike - UTV Adventure Tours

Tiger Treks
Spend a one day, two days or three days of trekking enjoying the country side of Chiang Rai. Stay with hill tribes.
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Road Motorcycle Tours
Road Bike Tours are a great way to see Northern Thailand. 2 days & 1 night to 8 days and 7 nights, these tours are a comprehensive selection of tours on a range of road bikes to choose from. Ride some spectacular roads.
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Sight Seeing Adventure Tours
Check out the sights of Northern Thailand. Experience tea plantations, hill tribes, jade cutting, kayaking and so much more. Full day and Half day tours available.
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Buggy and CRF Overnight Tours
For the more adventurous and curious trekker, the three days are filled with beautiful rural settings and witnessing the way the Hill Tribes live every day. Two nights in homestay accommodation will make this a memory to be cherished.
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Motorcycle Off Road CRF Tours
Travel on and off road with a range of CRF bikes to choose from. Lots of fun and sightseeing at the same time. If you like off road tours, this is for you
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Choose your UTV Adventure Tour

Looking for fun? At Chiang Rai UTV we provide jungle trails and farmland, forests, villages in our buggy tours. Great way to see the countryside. We have wide range Adventure Tours for you to fascinate you. Sightseeing, Buggy and CRF, Off Road CRF and Road Bike Tours. For those who like trekking and hiking we have Tiger Treks. Up to 3 days, hiking through mountains and farmland, meeting and overnight stays with hill tribes. Unique and rewarding. Some of our popular tours are half day buggy - half day kayak,  we welcome customised tours that can be arranged with us. Our Adventure Tours take you for tours in our UTV, ATV, CRFs, Road bikes and kayaks you will always remember. Our vehicles and kayaks are maintained professionally for your safety. Our tours are all inclusive.